Danielle Dixon
Making beautiful art from nature
I grew up in Cornwall and originally studied illustration. I then had a career change and studied horticulture and I am now a head gardener on an estate in Cornwall.
I still continued with my art practice and whilst trying to make permanent plant labels for the garden I discovered Pyrography and burnt the plant names into wooden labels.
So I changed from working in oils and went on to use Pyrography as a way of producing art work. I use a tool that passes electricity through a wire nib which heats up and I create marks and lines into the wood. The wood comes from the estate I work on, and is lime wood. I use this wood as it has a nice grain and is pale in colour allowing the marks to stand out.
Each piece takes a really long time as I really like to make each piece as detailed as possible, so they can take over 60 hour to produce one piece. My subject matter tends to be animals, as I feel I have quire a connection with them and enjoy trying to capture there emotions and soul. My work is available for sale at www.etsy.com/shop/dannidixonstudio . 
I have also included my other art work mostly oil on canvas  and recent commission.